Get a Guy to Tell You How He Feels About You

Most men do not even recognize that they have feelings. Somehow, it makes them feel weak. As a woman (with no problem whatsoever with feelings), it is difficult to be around a guy who has closed all of his feelings. Let’s figure out how we are going to get a guy to tell you how he feels about you.

So how do you make him open up and tell you what he’s thinking? Usually, men will only discuss what he thinks when he reaches the boiling point. Basically, they are so full of weird feelings, he cannot help but explore them with you.

Getting him to open up is on you

But how? The best way is to give him some space… A LOT of space! What usually happens is that he leans back so you lean too far forward which pushes him back further. When a guy gets closed up, he’s trying to figure things out. Men deal with emotions internally unlike women who often discuss their feelings with friends to see how they really think about something.
So when a guy backs away, he’s trying to understand what to do with this flood of feelings. If you’re not around buzzing in his ear, he will work through his problems quicker. Besides, if you aren’t there, this is when he discovers how much he misses you being around.

Be the one he has to tell his feelings to

Is not the eternal question? How do you get a stupid man to admit his crush on you? Many books have a small piece of the puzzle, but there is one that really works. The Art of Irresistible is absolutely brilliant in that it teaches you how to make your man feel so much of a man, he naturally drops his guard around you and will tell you how he feels about you just like your best friend!

Deal with his feelings in person

It is so hard to understand what kind of things he’s dealing with over the phone or email. There is absolutely no substitute for talking to someone person to person. If you cannot examine his eyes and hear his voice, it’s almost impossible to understand how he feels about you. Now is the time to jump in the car and go to him. Be sure to call ahead, but go to him. You have to do a little bit and be face to face.

Be open with him

The only way for him to understand his feelings is to let him know it’s OK to feel this way by telling him your feelings. Let him know where you are with him, and what this means to you. The secret here is not to blab about everything all at once, start with goodness. Remind him of a great experience you shared in the past and then reveal a tiny bit of your feelings. He’s in a good mood (because of the memory) so he’ll offer a little. Keep doing this until he reveals everything.

Being completely honest with yourself

Great relationships are built on great communication. Learn to be open and honest with him. This is really valuable, especially if you have a guy who never says what he’s thinking. You can not get into his head, and learn about his feelings when you can express yourself very effectively.

Maybe he can’t express his feelings because he knows that he can’t fully connect. If you have your own “stuff” going on in your life, then he won’t add to the turmoil. Stop trying to pressure him to reveal his inner feelings, and instead start trying to show him that you are lovable and irresistible and he would be foolish not to fall in love with you.