Get a Guy to Express His Feelings

How do you get a guy to express his feelings in a world that really doesn’t want him to? Nowadays since there is not many outlets for a guy to be a man, the only manly thing a guy has left to hold on to his control over his emotions.

Getting a guy to express his feelings is going against the one thing that defines him as a man. So how do you get Mr. Silent to give you an idea on how he feels about you?

Talk is cheap

I’m sure by now you’ve hear that in any given day, a women will say a millions words and a guy will say like 2. This is because in a brain scan, the parts of the brain for communication in a woman light up in several places throughout the brain. In a man, it’s only in one tiny area.

Men’s brains are not really built for communication on any real level. Their brains were built to hunt and protect and other manly pursuits. And this is what drives women crazy about men. He can do all of these other impressive things, but when it comes to telling you how he feels… it’s like dating a statue.

Stop trying to get it out of him

If you get anything from the last section, it’s that he’s not a communicator like you. And the more manly your guy is, the more likely that the communication part of his brain is even smaller.

So you’re not going to suddenly get a guy to express his feelings. There is a pretty good chance that even he doesn’t know how he feels about you. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just how he’s wired.

How to get a guy to say how he feels

There is a way to get a guy to open up, you simply have to appeal to his tribal side. Send him on a quest that will give him the feelings of accomplishement that a guy needs. Pride is man-crack. If he’s done something he feels proud about, all the happy love chemicals flood his brain and he’s euphoric.

How can you use this? Send him on a quest! Send him on a mission that he can do to “win his fair maiden” and he’ll open up to you like you’ve never seen before. How do you do that? There is a book called Rousing the Lion that gives you everything you need to do to get him started on his quest all the way to the end when he realizes he did this all for you: the girl he’s madly in love with.

Asking him will never work. Demanding he tell you what’s on his mind is no good. Ultimatums will backfire. So you have to do this on his terms!

Besides, when you inspire a man to become who he feels he should be, he will look back and realize that it’s you that makes him feel more like a man than anyone he’s ever been with. Rousing the Lion will awaken the warrior inside you guy which will inspire the lover he’s always wanted to be.

Let him find himself

Guys never really know their purpose on this Earth. And for a guy, having a purpose is everything! If you can speak to the conqueror inside his brain and whisper ecouragements, you will get a guy to express his feelings. There’s no doubt about it!